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The Life of a Coffee Lover

The good people here at Boompsdinks have not always loved coffee. For some of us the love for coffee did not happen until later in life. For me particularly, my first cup of coffee did not happen until I was about 22 years old. We were stuck on a bare hillside, called "Old Baldy" in the middle of the Winter, in a place called Grafenwoehr, Germany, a major military training area during the Cold War years.

It was 1976 on a very cold Winter morning, the sun barely on the horizon. All the men in the Armor platoon were waiting on the First Sergeant to bring breakfast, that would arrive in the big green thermal cans that kept it hot. We were doing our duty of remaining tactical while trying to stay warm, as we waited for our cherished hot meal of the day. There was always scrambled eggs, along with bacon or ham maybe some toast, if you could call it that. To drink, there was usually cartons of milk, coffee and hot chocolate. If you have ever heard the phrase, "green eggs and ham", well back in those days, we ate it regularly while in the field!

On this particular morning, when it was my turn to get my chow, I went down the line with my metal plate and utensils in one hand, and my canteen cup in the other. Moving down the line, a large spoonful of the green eggs was slapped onto my plate, then some ham, and toast. Moving along with my canteen cup out, I was expecting some hot chocolate to be ladled into it. Wait a minute!!! I was surprised and dismayed when coffee filled my cup instead! I asked the First Sergeant where the the hot chocolate was, I don't drink coffee. In his typical gruff voice he said, "Ain't none today boy, drink the coffee, or stay cold." Then he added for insult, "Coffee is a man's drink! You are a man ain'tcha boy?" With that I turned, with my breakfast and coffee, grabbed a container of half frozen milk and walked away. Yeah, I drank the coffee that morning, mixing it with some milk and sugar. It was my very first time. I was no longer a "coffee virgin"!!

As time went by, I began to enjoy the black liquid that filled my cup each morning, drinking more and more of it every day! Over the remaining 22 years service in the US Army, coffee became my favorite beverage.

After retiring from the Army, I began driving a truck "over-the-road". Again my go-to beverage was coffee. As a driver, I began to discover the various types of coffee , and their distinctive flavors. For some reason, I decided to learn as much as I could about what had become my favorite beverage. Then later still, after 15 years of truck driving, I needed something to do with my time. So came up with the idea of selling coffee online. I had to do a lot of home work for website building and Internet marketing. But then of course, I had to have a product to sell. So I did some more research, and linked up with some coffee roasters. One week at a time, I was able to join hands with more and more roasters, and added their product line to my website.

Now, a few years later, we have the "Boompsdinks Gourmet Coffee Outlet" where we showcase many truly great tasting gourmet coffees from around the world, produced by some of the very best coffee roasters in the world. And we strive to find more every day. Here at Boompsdinks, we are very proud of our affiliation with our family of coffee roasters. We are also very proud to be able to bring to our customers, some of the very best coffee available anywhere!

So if you are looking for a truly great cup of coffee, Boompsdinks has what you are looking for!

The Boompsdinks Gourmet Coffee Outlet

The BEST Coffee in the World from Around the World!

Our Story


"Boompsdinks" - "The great shopping place with the crazy name".. Started out as an online gift shop. The idea was to bring great gift idea products made by companies with top shelf reputations in their niche, to the general public, all on one website.


Overtime, the number of vendors looking for advertising space on "Boompsdinks" increased dramatically, causing a single website to be too large and overly cluttered and complicated.


So with the intention of making the website more "user friendly" and more fair to our vendors, we decided to breakdown the one large complicated website, into a number of websites, that specialized in various marketing niches.  


As well the "Boompsdinks" name became part of "TeamRevolution2014". So now what we have is, the "Boompsdinks Family Of Online Stores". All grouped under the "Boompsdinks Marketing Group"


Although "Boompsdinks" has diversified into various different marketing niches, the original "Boompsdinks Gift Ideas", does still exist, although in a more narrowly focused marketing niche. 


But make no mistake, "Boompsdinks Marketing", still strives to bring its customers the best products available, made by the best manufacturers, with with the great reputations, for making only the highest quality products.


So here we are, still trying to bring the best products, with the highest quality, at great prices, to our loyal customers. Thanks for staying with us.  :)).

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