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Updated: May 11, 2020

The BEST Coffee in the World from Around the World

The Diversity of Coffee Lovers!

It should come as no surprise, that Coffee Lovers come from every corner of the globe, from every race, ethnic background, nationality and even political affiliation. We are a very diverse bunch of people, living EVERYWHERE in the world. So this blog, will oftentimes cover many diverse subjects as well. Sometimes we will talk about personal beliefs and values, and the happenings in society, the world and politics. And sometimes we may wax philosophic. Because some of us served in the US Military, we will speak about some of our experiences, maybe some of you out there will be able to relate to them. And yes of course, because we are based here in the USA, we will talk about Patriotism and what being patriotic means, at least, what it means to us. Some things we talk about from time to time, may be controversial and maybe even be seen as offensive to some. We can assure you however, we do not intend or intentionally try to offend anyone. In the process of sharing our experiences and our thoughts, we just speak what is on our minds. But we will do it, as unoffensively as possible.

In the past months since December 2019, the world has been hit hard by a corona virus known as COVID-19. Millions of people around the world have been affected by this virus. Globally, COVID-19 has affected 166 countries, with 4,169,579 reported cases, of which there was, 285,677 deaths, and 1,429,910 people who have recovered. Yes this is a very serious disease, capable of affecting many more. The truth is, there have been millions more people who have been affected by this virus, who have displayed zero symtoms. The problem with that is, such people are the ones able to spread the virus to others, with possible deadly consequences.

So where did this virus come from? The TRUTH is, it came from China. It was first thought to have come from what is known as the "Wet Market" in the city of Wuhan. The market is named as such, because it is where live animals are bought and then slaughtered at the point of sale, creating an environment for many strange disease outbreaks. Mounting evidence however, suggests that the disease is a product of a Level 4 Bio-Laboratory just outside the city limits of Wuhan, very close to the Wet Market.

There is much speculation that COVID-19 was a bio-weapon experiment gone wrong. On the other hand, there are some, supposedly in the know, who say there was no genetic manipulation of the virus. The problem with that however, is those who claim no such genetic manipulation, had to know without doubt, what the virus looked like when it first arrived at the bio-lab in Wuhan. China is not known for its honesty or its willingness to share such information.

Fast forward to the here and now, almost six months since the world first learned about COVID-19. Here in the USA, we have been hit very hard by this virus. The affects of the virus has been all over the news everyday, all day long. The news media has oftentimes blown things out of proportion, scaring people to death. Many politicians have done the same thing, scaring people to death, making it sound as if the world is going to end, if we do not ALL say home and off the streets. Many State and local politicians have issued policies to ensure people stay at home, going as far as sending law enforcement out to arrest those who refuse. Some cities are tracking people with drones able to take pictures, and measure body temperatures from almost 200 feet away. Businesses have been shut down, many of which, have gone out of business, never to return. Unemployment in this country is now in the many millions. We hear all the time that we ALL need to stay home and businesses stay closed until the virus has passed.

Unfortunately, there are many politicians taking advantage of this situation. Some have been heard to say, NOW, is the perfect time to change the course of this country, where the people are controlled rather than governed. Where the Constitution is no longer worth the paper it is written on. I have never seen a regulation put into place by a politician, that was later rescinded. What we see happening before us is the eradication of our rights and freedoms.

Ok, ok... So we have gone a little into the deep end here. But all we can say is, keep your eyes open, pay close attention to the facts, which is NOT necessarily what you hear coming from politicians and the media, and DO NOT allow fear to cause you to give away your freedoms to those in government who would gladly take them from you. Stand up for your Constitutionally protected Rights and Freedoms!

But please do stay safe, wear your mask in public, keep a reasonable distance from people around you, and stay away from crowds of people, as much as possible.

God Bless all of you and God Speed.

The BEST Coffee in the World from Around the World

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