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Great tea works wonders. The delicious tastes and health benefits make tea a wonderful beverage - much better than the unhealthy alternatives. The Teavana dream began with an idea that people would enjoy fresh, high-quality tea in a place that was part Tea Bar, part Tea Emporium. We wanted to introduce people to the aromas, textures, and beneficial qualities of loose leaf teas while enlightening them with the history and variety of teas available. And this is how Teavana was born. 


White teas are appreciated by tea connoisseurs for their unmatched subtlety, complexity, natural sweetness, and delicacy. Least processed (steamed and dried) of all tea types


Straight green teas have a clean, delicious taste you will enjoy. When paired with other fruits or spices, the flavor excites your tastebuds and provides an enjoyable treat.


Oolong (also Wulong) teas are crafted by an artisan who knows exactly how much to process (dry) the teas before they are perfect.


Delicious black teas are loved in the West. Full-bodied and strong, they taste great alone or with milk and sugar. And they make great iced tea.


Our delicious herbal teas are made only from the best ingredients. From the sweet to the spicy, Teavana's herbal tea selection has something for everyone. And these teas are made from ingredients so fresh that you can actually eat them!


Rooibos teas are herbal infusions made from a South African red bush and sometimes called "red tea." There are also green Rooibos teas that are just as delicious as the popular red. Rooibos teas are delicious iced or hot and come in a wide variety of flavors.


Maté is a wild shrub from Argentina that makes a delicious, flavorful tea. Often consumed in a gourd with a filtered straw and shared among friends, these herbal teas are full of bold flavors.


We offer high quality teas and the products to serve them.  We provide high quality tea products to make your tea experience the best ever! You can find all the hardware and accessories to suit all of your tea needs.

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